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Bookies are searching for the very best when it comes to software for their business and for help running the show. The novice bookie simply doesn’t understand how difficult this job can be until they start dealing with the day to day duties of a bookie. This gig is not for everyone, but it is for those that want to make a six-figure income and have the heart for the sports gaming industry. There are more than a few all-important facts that you must know if you are going to be successful in this industry and the first and foremost would be knowing how to set the best lines and odds.

• Lines and odds are quite possibly the single-most-important factors for the success of your online bookie business. Players want and expect competitive lines. They are picky about this issue and will sometimes go elsewhere for a half-point. You must be offering tight lines and you must be competitive with the “big boys”.

Setting lines and odds is a daily task that you must do. Without lines and odds you don’t have a functioning sportsbook. Many bookies post the days offerings without lines, they expect the clients to call in and be given a “line” over the phone. This way, the bookie can dictate who gets what according to the value of the client. This is a big mistake and it will cost you invaluable time if nothing else. It will also cost you money. Don’t operate this way. Never!

• Think about the number of sports that you will make available to your clients for wagering. It’s a lot of sports and you must set the lines the evening before and/or very early on the same day. Maybe you only offer MLB, NFL, NCAA FB, NCAA BB, NHL, and the NBA. Those sports themselves are a big deal and during the regular season, you will have your work cut out for you on a daily basis. You must set the lines and odds as early in the day as possible.

There are sharp players, yes, they really do exist. We live in the information age and whatever it is that’s available to gamblers, you can be sure they will find it. Players are equipping themselves to beat you. They don’t make a deposit with you for fun, they intend to beat you every time they play. Now they are coming well-armed and it’s a little tool called Google! Sharp players do what they do for a living and they spend every waking hour studying stats and trends. You must set sharp lines and you must offer the best odds on those sharp lines. Do not think for one second that players like giving you money and they are complacent with losing. Just the opposite.

Find the best PPH Provider and take advantage of what they offer—

• The best pay per head providers have combined the online sportsbook, the casino, and the racebook. This was a smart move for one reason. There is a vast amount of downtime in the sportsbook, and players get bored.

• What do players do when they get bored? They find a fantastic casino. If you are offering a casino you will always be a step ahead of your clients. The bookie business can be marginal and there are days when you will get hit hard. You can make up for those losses with a great casino.

• Not only do the PPH providers offer you a casino, but they also take care of the daily lines and odds. You will never have to set a line again. And all you do is open up your device and see what the odds are. You have full control. If you do not like any given lines or odds, you can change them. This is your business and you call the shots.

The beauty of a pay per head is the fair cost. It does not cost a fortune to be a bookie and you can absolutely afford $10 per player. You pay if they play and only once. The player has the ability to play as many times as they like during the fiscal week. Find a great bookie, stop the insanity of carrying the load all alone. Sign up today for a free trial.

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