Teasers – When to Bet them and When Not

When thinking teasers, you think football and basketball. Teasers can be a great way to go and they can be a rotten way to go! Let’s put it like this, teasers are aptly named because they are just that, teasers. They tease you with a new number that will often jade or cloud the real view that you should have of any given game. Now, often they are a great buy and there are times when a teaser is by far and away the best course of betting action for those two games and more that you have chosen. What you must do as the bettor, is find out and make sure that you need a teaser as well as make sure that a teaser even works for the odds you have chosen to bet with or against .

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Now that the NBA is cranking up and in the first week of action, there isn’t a better time to start thinking about getting in and making a few bets and winning some money. The NBA is certainly a fun game to bet on and basketball in general, is fun to bet on. Teasers are often a better deal in the NBA and NCAA basketball than in football, not always and it will vary from week to week. College football offers great teaser options and that direction can certainly be lucrative. One thing that will help you greatly is to check with your favorite online bookmaker and read their “how to bet section”. This can be extremely helpful if you are new to the game or simply want to learn new options for betting and winning money.

NFL Teasers:

There is a rule of thumb when betting teasers in the NFL and a principle that as a bettor, you should always live by. It goes like this: After handicapping the games and knowing who you like to win, whether it’s taking the points or giving the points… Whatever system you have and however it is that you organize yourself by writing the winners on a list or circling them on a print-out or however you choose, here is what you must do. You must know who your winners are against the spread and you must know who your losers are against the spread. After you have this established, then you must sort out the weakest winners and the weakest losers and then you must decide the strongest winners are against a teaser.

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You already know who your for sure winners are. You have sorted them out and you have them separated. Now find the losers, the teams that you could not bet on and would have to go the other way and lay the points— do not play those teams in a teaser! You take the Strongest teams that you have, against the spread and then you play those teams in a teaser. Think about it like this. You like them enough when handicapping them to play them against the spread and even in a parlay. Those are no doubt the teams that you have confidence in based on your handicapping for that week. Why would you not play them in a teaser? There is no reason to not play them.

Here is where a teaser can save you… When one of your best teams get’s a slow start and they don’t look so good out of the gate, but then they make a comeback and start playing up to their potential and they end up winning the game or just losing but covering the teaser. Sure, there are exceptions as with any sport, there are certainly exceptions. Some nights, your team just had an off day and there is nothing you can do to change that, but a teaser at least gave you a fighting chance.

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The NBA/NCAA basketball are fun to bet teasers with the totals. Use the same principle with basketball totals that you would with the NFL spreads. In fact, use the same principle for every sport. Sort out the good from the bad and play your best team. Never, ever, under any circumstance, tease a team that “might have a chance”. That’s crazy, don’t do it! Tease the team that you know will cover.

Use the same principle for college football. You know those games that have the big spreads that you think will probably cover but yet you just don’t have the gut to lay the number? Play them in teasers. Again, it doesn’t always work out but playing a teaser and winning is certainly better than playing it straight up against the spread and losing. Find a great handicapper. They can help you enormously and if you take their advice, you will win a lot of money playing teasers.

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