How I Built a Bookie Business

The online gaming world is for anyone that has a desire, and a dream. The good news – it’s an obtainable dream. There once was a day when becoming a bookie seemed like a far-off dream reserved for rich guys, or the stereotypical guys from back on the block in Brooklyn that had a reputation for breaking legs (literally). Thank goodness those days are a distant memory. Now, pretty much anybody can become a successful bookie and within a relatively short period of time. There are thousands of success stories that are born out of the Pay Per Head industry and many of them are “from rags to riches”. Bookies that have resolve and drive, they get the job done and it matters not the size of the starting bankroll, what matters is determination.


Personal Testimony—


Stephen in Sacramento~


► “I bounced around the gaming world as a gambler for years, I even played professional poker and traveled that tour for a while. I always considered myself to be a decent handicapper but could never win consistently enough to build a bankroll that I could rely on. After years of chasing the sports gambling dream, I hung it up and decided that if I couldn’t beat “them” why not join “them”. As much as I love being a bookie, the beginning was a tough row to hoe.”

► “I tried going it alone and that proved to be extremely difficult. I tried building a website and that failed (I simply didn’t have the expertise and money needed to make it work), I was a corner bookie and I know a lot of sports gamblers, they jumped on board quickly and right away, I had clients, but I was overwhelmed. After close to six months in, I ran across an old college buddy that had dropped out of law school and was also in the gaming industry. He shared his experiences working with Pay Per Heads and how they had helped his       business grow. I had never heard of a PPH and wanted to know more.”

► “My friend explained to me how a PPH works and also explained the cost and what a PPH offers the bookie as well as the gambling client.”

► “ I decided to test the PPH market with one of their famous “free trials”. The first thing that I discovered was the free trial was absolutely everything and more they said it would be. It was absolutely 100% free and everything they offered in the free trial was exactly as they offered it in the paid site.”

► “To make a long story short; I was a poor gambler that dropped out of college and bounced around from job to job and from gambling gig, to more gambling gigs. My professional life was going nowhere very quickly, and I was desperate. As much as I wanted to make money and a lot of it, I was also skeptical. What the PPH providers said they were offering sounded too good to be true, but I jumped in anyway and here I am a couple of years later making a six-figure income.”

► “There are still challenges for sure, and not every day is a winner. The sportsbook business is marginal and some days I take a beating, but I have an answer to that and it’s the casino. Not only do I operate an online sportsbook, but I also operate an online casino. Now I can get by with taking a beating in the sportsbook because I never get beat up in the casino. I make a lot of money off casino bettors and the best thing that I ever did was to expand beyond sports.”

► “The next best move that I made was the racebook. I never thought that it would be so easy to run a racebook. I know nothing about horses and to this day, I know very little. But one thing remains a constant; I’m making a killing! I make a small fortune off the horse bettors. They love me, and they love the custom site that my PPH helped me build and personalize.”

“ I am deeply grateful for the many ways in which I have been blessed to earn a fantastic income doing what I love, and I owe it all to the PPH industry. I would not be here today if it wasn’t for the fantastic tools they offer to bookies just like me.”

-Stephen G.


There has certainly never been a better time than now to find a fantastic PPH provider and test the waters for yourself. If you are a bookie or thinking of becoming a bookie then you must grab a free trial and check out exactly what a PPH can do for your business. Not only will it be profitable, it has the capability of becoming a cash cow for you just as it did for Stephen. If you love being a bookie but are tired of the rat race the lifestyle involves, then a PPH is what you have been looking for. They build you a turnkey online sportsbook, racebook, and casino and you can be operational in a day or so. The cost in nominal at around $10-$15 per head. You will be amazed at the difference in the bottom line and profit levels, they will increase dramatically. Find a great PPH and get started today with a no obligation, free trial.


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