Horse Racing Betting – Knowing How to Bet Makes a Difference

The state of horse racing has never been better and many of the famous tracks are heating up such as Del Mar and Saratoga. If you have ever thought of playing the ponies but it seems complicated or just seems like way top much of a hassle when it come to the handicapping involved; think again. Horse racing can be a complicated sport if you know noting about betting it and if you are a novice, it can seem overwhelming, but this is certainly not a good reason to not give this sport a whirl, there is some easy money to be made if you are patient and if you are willing to get some handicapping help.

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First this is first, find a great online race book that caters to American players and one that come with a stand up reputation for impeccable customer service. An online race book should offer a toll free hotline that you can call if you ever have questions or a problem. You must search for a great handicapping service and this does not mean spending a fortune. Find a sports handicapping website that offers solid, well known horse cappers that have a great reputation. There are game advising sites that offer potential clients a free trial that is usually good for a month. Get help betting the ponies and you can win a small fortune.

Start by learning the in’s and out’s of horse racing, how it works and what kind of bets are available. Find out what kind of bets that your sportsbook or potential sportsbook offers and read their “how to bet” section on horse racing. Betting the horses is like any other sport, the more knowledge you have, the better your chances of winning.

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Do not go into horse racing blind. Do not bet blindly on any race. At least know the basic history of a horse before betting your hard earned money. The goal for any gambler is to win and if you are guessing, you are probably not winning.

Narrow your bets down. Don’t try to bet it all. Rome wasn’t built in a day! There is plenty of time to learn how to bet and what bets work the best for the way in which you like to play.

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Educate yourself on wager types and remember; stick to a few. There are a ton of them and your bookmaker probably offers them all but stay conservative and it will pay off in the long run.

Wager Types:

Straight Wager… You are betting on one horse to win the race.

  • WIN
  •  PLACE
  •  SHOW

The trick is to study each wager type and know exactly what the above wagering types mean. The top notch book makers on the web today have a “how to bet horses” section that will guide you step by step and you can learn a lot about the four ways mentioned here as well as learn many more ways of betting.

Find that great online bookmaker that has race book today. Find an all inclusive sports/race book that is willing to help you when you need the help, willing to pay you when you win and willing to give you a great bonus.

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