Finding NHL Playoff Value in 2020

The 2020 NHL Playoffs have begun, and that means that there is a great opportunity to win some money by betting on the league. Most sports bettors tend to skip over the NHL in favor of other sports, but that shouldn’t be the case when the playoffs begin, there’s plenty NHL Playoff value.

NHL Playoff Value

The 2020 NHL Playoffs are much different than any other year, and that has actually led to some opportunities to find real value. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to look for the best betting opportunities.


No Home-Ice Advantage

In the 2020 NHL Playoffs, every team will be playing on neutral ice. The home-ice advantage is normally a huge factor when betting on the NHL Playoffs, but that isn’t the case this year.

No home ice advantage changes the NHL Playoffs
No home ice advantage changes the NHL Playoffs

Home teams still have the advantage of having the second change, but that doesn’t mean as much as it normally does. No home fans means that it doesn’t take much for the road team to get going. This gives a tonne of NHL Playoff value.

Sportsbooks will obviously take this into account when creating spreads, but look for lower seeds to do better in “road” games in the 2020 NHL Playoffs. You can find free NHL picks over at our sister site,

Look For Big Underdogs

Another thing to look for when betting on the 2020 NHL Playoffs is identifying teams that are major underdogs. Unlike handicapping the NBA, betting on hockey is extremely unpredictable, and that is why betting on underdogs more often than not makes sense.

The potential payout is much bigger when betting on underdogs, and upsets happen all of the time in a sport. If a spread looks too big to be true, then perhaps that is the best time to strike and place a bet.

Best moments of the 2020 Stanley Cup Qualifiers

Top seeds are knocked out in the first round almost every single year, and that will likely be the case again in 2020. If you can find the underdog that does well, then you could be making a ton of money.

Focus on Goaltending Matchups

Even though it takes goals to win games in the 2020 NHL Playoffs, it’s more important to focus on the goaltending matchups in each game at online bookmakers.

When you start to do your research on a game, the best place to start is by looking at the goaltending matchup. Can you see the NHL Playoff value yet? check out norgescåsino teams are able to steal wins all of the time by having a hot goaltender in the net, and this can give you a huge advantage if you are able to find the hot goalie.

Series Bets are Best

Betting on each game of the 2020 NHL Playoffs is more enticing, but betting on the entire series is another way to go. Sportsbooks will set odds for the outcome of a series, and they usually require you to simply pick a winner.

Even though upsets do happen often in the NHL, it’s usually easy to identify which teams are the best in a particular matchup. Check out all of the odds for each series in the NHL Playoffs, and place some series bets on the matchup you feel the most comfortable about.

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