Put Your Pay Per Head Site to the Test

The top Pay Per Head sites in the online bookie software business are constantly trying to raise the bar with their sportsbook management solutions in order to help independent bookmakers successfully compete with all of the big offshore sportsbooks operating online. To be successful running and managing your own sportsbook in the highly competitive Internet sports betting industry, you need a price per head shop that is committed to helping you level the playing field with even the biggest online sportsbooks.

This is why it is vitally important that your Pay Per Head site can pass the test when it comes to providing all the business tools you need. Since many of today’s PPH services rely on the same providers when it comes to the actual online bookie software packages with some slight rebranding and product tweaks here and there, it is important to always hold your provider to a high set of standards. One of the best ways to put any Pay Per Head site to the test is to take advantage of any free trial offer that may be in place.

Just about every one of the top PPH services in the game today will let you take their online gambling software for a free test run anywhere from two to four weeks. This should be ample time to determine if what they have to offer is indeed a good fit for your particular business needs. Some sites offer all the bells and whistles at an inflated price per head weekly fee. If you
feel that all you need is the basics, then you might be able to scale down your particular features and benefits package to obtain a more affordable fee. Either way, a free trial run is an excellent way to put any Pay Per Head service to the test.

Even when you have settled in on a price per head service to handle all the day-to-day online transactions that take place in a business of this nature, you should still put them to the test from time to time. Dependability and security are the two biggest issues that a private bookie might face when it comes to their PPH service.

Downtime in the bookie business is completely unacceptable since no one wants to risk losing business because your customers are having trouble logging into their online sports betting account. This is especially true at the busiest times of the year where any length of online downtime can be crippling to steady cash flow and bottom-line profits. This also applies to a PPH site’s call center. You need to know that whether it is you as the bookmaking agent or anyone of your betting customers that calls can get through on a timely basis.

Online security is another vitally important part of the puzzle when it comes to your price per head service. You need an online bookie software provider that has all the right security measures in place to ensure that every online transaction is completed in a safe and secure manner. The threat of cyber-attacks are always present in any online environment and you need the peace of mind that all of your bookie business’s vital information is safeguarded and secure at all times. Check out how windows phone game phonedeposits.com did it.

The good news for today’s private bookies is that the top Pay Per Head sites in the Internet sports betting industry are willing to make the necessary investments in time, money and manpower to constantly pass the tests they are faced with each and every day. They are well aware that their future financial success is directly tied to yours.

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